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Meet the Board

The Rehoboth Beach Bears Board of Directors consists entirely of volunteers deriving from Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Since the organization does not have a paid staff, the board is supported by a vast team of talented and dedicated volunteers. If you would like to submit your name for board candidacy consideration, or to join our volunteer force, please submit your interest through our Contact Us page.

Our Board of Directors:

Terry Kistler, President (Class of 2020)
Bruce Evatt, Vice President (Class of 2021)

Bear Weekend Vendor Chair

Joseph Sterner, Secretary (Class of 2019)

Digital Communications Committee Chair

Edward Chrzanowski, Treasurer (Class of 2020)
Chris Berg, (Class of 2019)

Governance and Volunteer Committee Chair

John Lucas (Class of 2021)

Sponsorship Committee Chair

Kenny Mahan (Class of 2019)

Scholarship and Bear Weekend Committee Chair

John Meyer (Class of 2020)
Jamie Middelton (Class of 2020)
Dickie Mitchell (Class of 2020)

Events Committee Co-Chair

Andrew Moran (Class of 2021)
Michael Moshos (Class of 2020)
Charlie Rouse (Class of 2021)

Events Committee Co-Chair

Dwayne O. Weimer (Class of 2019)