Rehoboth Beach BearsRehoboth Beach Bears


Founded in 2017, the Rehoboth Beach Bears Scholarship Program makes awards available to graduating seniors who are a part of their high school’s Gay Straight Alliance organization, and are seeking to further their education. These awards may be used to help fund any part of the recipient’s post-secondary education expenses.

Since the fund’s endowment in 2017, the program has issued $5,000 in awards through five (5) $1,000 scholarships to graduating Cape Henlopen High School students. These recipients include:

Evangeline Dillard (Pace University, Class of 2022)
Ashleigh Ling (University of Delaware, Class of 2021)
Katherine Maher (Penn State, Class of 2021)
Juan Marquez (University of Michigan, Class of 2021)
Olivia Tancredi (Penn State, Class of 2022)

Please visit for more information or to apply for one of our scholarship awards.